What Clients Say

(Represented 2007- present)

“Kim has worked closely with us at the State House and in rulemaking proceedings over the years. Her counsel is always strategic, savvy and realistic. She knows how things work in Augusta and helps us navigate both process and politics at the State House. Her critical thinking and advocacy skills have been invaluable. She has been a tremendous asset to our public policy work and is a valued member of our team.” David Bell
Executive Director

(Represented 2013 - present)

"Kim has been an ardent and effective advocate for us at the State House.  She’s smart and strategic in her approach and is well-respected by lawmakers.  She is well prepared and considers all angles with respect to key questions of concern.  I value her counsel and regard her as an instrumental member of my team.                                                                                                    Kevin Lewis                                                                                                                                            CEO 

(Represented 2007 - 2013)

“Kim has been Progressive’s lobbyist and government relations consultant for several years. She keeps me informed of policy developments at the legislature and Bureau of Insurance and communicates with legislators and executive branch officials on our behalf. Her strong relationships with key policymakers have allowed us to effectively communicate with the right policymakers at the right time. Kim and I work seamlessly together despite the fact that Progressive is headquartered in Ohio. She is accessible and responsive to me and recognized and respected by policymakers. This combination allows Kim to successfully and efficiently represent Progressive.” Marty Rarick
Product Manager for Maine and New Hampshire